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WILDSTAR Hands-On Impressions & PGC Details Emerge!

WILDSTAR Hands-On Impressions & PGC Details Emerge!

Feb 7, 2013


New details have come to light about WildStar, including hands-on first impressions, player generated content, and more!


Last month Carbine Studios, the team behind WildStar Online, held a press event in San Francisco where select media outlets got hands-on time with the game. Since then, there has been a press embargo preventing any of the information learned at the event from being released to the public. Until now that is.

Yesterday, we reported on a host of new details released about WildStar Online as Carbine Studios dropped their press embargo and a flood of detailed information hit the interwebs. We were treated to new videos, concept art, and a detailed state of the game address from WildStar’s Executive Producer, Jeremy Gaffney. For those who have been following the development of WildStar it was a really big day, this was the most detailed information to be released yet!

The gang over at Massively also got in on all the WildStar goodness yesterday, dropping several very in-depth articles about the game and their hands-on impressions. Brianna Royce, Massively’s Editor-In-Chief, was one of the select few able to get hands-on time with WildStar at the San Francisco press event. She gave a detailed account of her experience with the game, conversations with the developers, game systems, and the overall mentality that is driving the development of WildStar Online. Writing about some of the design philosophies behind WildStar Online, she had this to say:

Gaffney began his presentation with this gem — his belief that MMOs have failed us, that we return again and again to the altar of MMOs only to be let down when they try to push us into one form of unfun or another. WildStar’s philosophy, by contrast, is “play how you want to play.” Gaffney argues that his team’s goal is to give players lots of choices over what they want to do, not to “impose the team’s will of awesome design-ness” on the game.

Better still, the game is intended to reward the player for whatever his choices might be. After all, Gaffney says, “if you reward people for doing fun things, they’ll do more fun things, but if you reward people for doing boring things, they’ll do more boring things.” He believes MMOs fail for two specific reasons: They fail to create a compelling leveling experience, and they fail to create an interesting endgame — or, as he put it bluntly, “trying to get to the end sucks and then getting to the end sucks.” Carbine’s goal is to tackle the problem head-on with an interesting and fantastic setting, heavy content variety and density, intricate combat telegraphing, a dynamic story, and a player-modifiable world.

Her detailed hands-on impressions piece is a must read for anyone following or interested in WildStar Online. You can read the complete article, The ‘biggest game on the planet': WildStar’s boundless ambition, in its entirety here on Massively.

Brianna also wrote another in-depth article around player generated content or PGC. It covers in detail Carbine’s philosophy around things like player made UI mods and how Carbine plans to work with the mod community. When speaking with WildStar Online’s Producer and Community Director, Troy Hewitt, and Senior Community Manager, David Bass, at the San Francisco press event a lot was covered. Carbine has some very big ideas around PGC and how to manage that portion of the community and game. In discussing some of Mr. Hewitt’s ideas on the matter Brianna wrote the following:

Ultimately, player modders will be using nearly the same tool to create their own mods and make the game’s interface pretty, too.” This is a dev tool,” Hewitt confirms, one akin to something like the Elder Scrolls Construction Kit. So how will you get those mods loaded into your WildStar client come launch? Carbine considered hosting UI mods on the official site to act as a gatekeeper against potentially problematic mods, but in the end, the studio opted to not reinvent the wheel. Instead, its plan is to partner with a major modding site like Curse.com for testing and (non-exclusive) hosting purposes. “As much as I would love to say, ‘look at this great thing we built,’ it is more economical and more responsible to work with a partner who knows what he’s doing,” reasoned Hewitt.

Again, this is an excellent piece and goes very in-depth into the design philosophies and strategies Carbine is using for WildStar Online. The full article, Slap a rocket on a pig: WildStar’s modding and PGC community, can be found here on Massively. If you are a fan of player generated content in MMO’s then I certainly recommend you check it out!

With the recent deluge of new information about the game I’m trying to keep my expectations balanced, but to be honest I’m having some trouble. I’m VERY excited about WildStar Online and it’s potential!

Stay tuned for more details soon!

Are you getting excited for WildStar Online? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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