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MASS EFFECT 3, New Screens From Final Two DLC Packs

MASS EFFECT 3, New Screens From Final Two DLC Packs

Feb 21, 2013


We’ve got some new screenshots to share from the upcoming and final DLC packs for Mass Effect 3 – Reckoning and Citadel.


The sun is about to set on Commander Shepard once and for all…. BioWare is already on the record stating that the next Mass Effect game (side note: don’t call it Mass Effect 4) will not follow the Commander Shepard story arc and today they’ve shared some screenshots from the final single player DLC pack for ME3, Citadel.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Citadel will arrive on March 5th and according to BioWare it will take players on an “emotional ride”. BioWare has referred to Citadel as “the final Chapter of Commander Shepard’s heroic saga”, as it takes players on one final, sentimental journey with Commander Shepard and his (or her) squad. Players will explore and discover new locations across the vast, deep-space station while also having the opportunity to reconnect with some of their favorite characters from all three of the Mass Effect games. Citadel will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

Mass Effect 3: Reckoning

A new multiplayer DLC pack is also coming for Mass Effect 3 – Reckoning – on February 26th. The multiplayer DLC pack, Mass Effect 3: Reckoning, offers players new firepower and character kits for the war against the Reapers. On February 26th, Mass Effect 3: Reckoning will be free to download!

Additionally, fans will be able to get a sneak peek of Reckoning before it launches on BioWare’s official Twitch.TV channel at http://www.twitch.tv/bioware. Developers from BioWare Edmonton will be streaming gameplay and taking questions on February 25 starting at 5:30PM GMT.

Mass Effect 3 Screenshots


Are you going to take Commander Shepard out for one last ride around the galaxy? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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