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Even More WILDSTAR Screens Of The Mechari, Draken, & Stalker!

Even More WILDSTAR Screens Of The Mechari, Draken, & Stalker!

Mar 1, 2013


Another 20+ new screenshots were released from Carbine Studios, highlighting the Mechari and Draken races, as well as the Stalker Class, in WildStar!


What a week it’s been for WildStar fans! Carbine Studios has been releasing information about the game left and right! A couple of days ago we got our hands on over 30 new screenshots from WildStar Online. They highlighted the Mechari and Draken races, from the Dominion Faction, and the Stalker Class. Today we have over 20 more, brand new screenshots for you to see! In today’s batch of screens we continue to see more of the Mechari (side note: they look totally awesome!), Draken, and Stalker!

Our WildStar Online image gallery has grown to over 100 screenshots and concept art pieces! You can see today’s images, as well as all of our previous WildStar art and images in the gallery below. Enjoy!

WildStar Online Screenshots


What do you think of the latest screenshots to come out of WildStar Online? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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  1. MrFester /

    Nice Gallery of WildStar

  2. This is really cool, which makes me want to play even more. Please keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks guys! I keep trying to get as much info on the game as possible. I have an interview coming up with Carbine at the end of this week. So look for details soon!

  4. MrFester /

    Something maybe want to add buttons, so you have the ability to share the stories via Twitter or G+

    • Ask and you shall receive ;)

    • I should add, while I was at it, I also fixed up the sidebar widgets for recent forum posts and recent comments. It should be a touch easier to read now, and tell who is saying what a little easier :)


  5. MrFester /

    Very cool, thank you.

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