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Mar 7, 2013


The next Beta Weekend for Neverwinter is coming this weekend, March 8th – 10th!


Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are getting ready to host the second Beta Weekend for their highly anticipated MMO Neverwinter. The second Beta Weekend will take place this weekend, starting Friday March 8th and running through Sunday March 10th.

Literally hundreds of thousands of players have been invited for this weekend’s beta. Founding Members are guaranteed access and VIP Perks, as well as access to lifetime members of both Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

With Beta Weekend Two, players will get to experience a variety of new content. A new class, the Control Wizard, will be playable alongside the three previously available classes, the Guardian Fighter, Trickster Rogue, and Devoted Cleric. The level cap has been increased to level 40 and new zones Ebon Downs, Helm’s Hold, and the Lair of the Mad Dragon will also be available. Finally, Foundry Content has been expanded to give play testers more access to player generated content.

Speaking about the Beta Weekend, Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer at Cryptic Studios, had this to say:

“Neverwinter continues to impress players and publications worldwide. The tremendously valuable feedback from peers and fans has allowed us to make Neverwinter a truly AAA experience that is also free-to-play. We thank everyone for their continuous support and welcome new players into this, our second Beta Weekend.”

For guaranteed access to all Neverwinter’s Beta Weekends, along with a wide array of VIP perks and exclusive in-game items, players may purchase the Hero of the North Founder’s Pack or the Guardian of Neverwinter Founder’s Pack on the official Neverwinter website.

For a chance to access upcoming Neverwinter Beta Weekends, you can sign up at http://www.playneverwinter.com.

Are you going to play Neverwinter this weekend? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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