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TERA: RISING Free-To-Play Switch A Massive Success!

TERA: RISING Free-To-Play Switch A Massive Success!

Mar 13, 2013


It’s been a month since TERA switched to the free-to-play model and re-launched as TERA: Rising, and so far it’s been a massive success!


Last month we reported Gameforge’s decision to transition TERA from a subscription based model to a free-to-play model. Since then over 500,000 new users have registered for the game, bringing the total number of players registered for TERA: Rising to over one million…and growing!

Think about that, it’s only been 30 days since the F2P switch and they’ve already added half a million new players to the game. That’s a crazy number. TERA: Rising has been in such high demand that just days after the F2P switch Gameforge had to add six new game servers just to keep up with the influx of new players.

Today we got our hands and a fun infographic showing off some of the milestones players have hit in TERA: Rising over the past 30 days. For example, since the F2P conversion TERA players have created over 1.5 million characters – that’s 1.5 million characters in the past 30 days. The most popular race is the Castanics, followed by Humans and High Elves, and the Warrior is the most played class with the Sorcerer and the Archer picking up second and third place. You can see more details in the infographic below, just give it a click to see the full size version.

TERA: Rising F2P Infographic

Have you played TERA: Rising since the free-to-play conversion? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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  1. MrFester /

    Well ever since they went F2P, I re-subbed and currently still playing. Lots of people all over the place now.

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