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New Gameplay Footage Shows Off DERADUNE In WILDSTAR!

New Gameplay Footage Shows Off DERADUNE In WILDSTAR!

Mar 14, 2013


In the latest WildStar Wednesday we learn more about the Deradune zone and we see a five minute trailer highlighting gameplay out on the savannah.


If you’ve been following the development of WildStar, the upcoming MMORPG being developed by Carbine Studios, then you have no doubt seen the Deradune zone. The Draken low level zone has been the highlight of a lot of recent press items including screenshots and even a 30 minute walk through video. In the latest edition of WildStar Wednesday we get even more detailed information on Deradune, including new gameplay footage!

A lot of the backstory to Deradune is laid out, as well as an overview of some allies and enemies you’ll come across while exploring the alien desert zone. You’ll learn about Clanlord Makaza of the Bloodfire Clan and why he has called for the traditional Draken Great Hunt to commence. Huntress Kezzia of Clan Bloodfire and Agent Lex of the Imperial Core of Intelligence (ICI) also get some introductions, along with others.

“Inhabited by hostile natives and dangerous alien organisms, Deradune is a savage territory that has been claimed by the Dominion. With sweeping savannahs, rugged mountains, and exotic floating trees, Deradune is both beautiful and deadly – the perfect place for bold galactic adventurers seeking new challenges on planet Nexus.

Drawn to its untamed vistas and vicious wildlife, the ferocious Draken of the Bloodfire Clan have established a village on the eastern coast of Deradune. In order to test the mettle of his people, the battle-hardened Clanlord Makaza has called the Great Hunt – an ancient Draken tradition that culminates in the primal ritual known as the Bloodfeast. The Great Hunt is open to anyone who wishes to prove themselves to the clan, and adventurers from across Nexus have come to here to face off against some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy.”

It’s definitely worth the read and you can you find the full article on the official WildStar blog, here.

However, the big thing news came in the form of a five minute trailer showing off gameplay in the Deradune zone itself! It’s a really great video – there is no narrator or anyone else talking over the video – it’s just you and some beautiful shots of what you and I will get to experience very soon! You can check out the video below. Enjoy!

What do you think of the Deradune zone in WildStar? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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  1. MrFester /

    Great info, but!

    That entire zone reminded me of the Barrens, at least the landscape.

    Minus the rocket flying dragon with the BFG strapped to his back!

    • LOL! That’s Metal Maw – he is an open world raid boss. I suppose it does a bit to me as well – but that’s ok, I liked the Barrens, I had it down to a science lol – I just didn’t like the general chat ;)

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