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Check Out 17 Minutes Of In-Game BATTLEFIELD 4 Footage!

Check Out 17 Minutes Of In-Game BATTLEFIELD 4 Footage!

Mar 28, 2013


Electronic Arts and DICE revealed their upcoming next-gen shooter, Battlefield 4, at this week’s GDC conference – you can watch an insanely awesome 17 minute in-game trailer below!


Earlier this week Electronic Arts and DICE unveiled Battlefield 4, their next-generation FPS that promises to deliver “human, dramatic, and believable action”, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Leading up to the unveiling they released a series of 20 second teaser trailers as part of a viral marketing campaign the weekend before. When the shroud was finally lifted we were treated to an insanely epic 17 minute long in-game trailer, which you can see below.

After the demo, Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of EA Games had this to say about Battlefield 4:

“We are so humbled and proud to debut Battlefield 4 on a global stage with simultaneous events in San Francisco and Stockholm. To be this early in development, and to already be so polished is a huge achievement for the DICE team and reflection of their passion and commitment to driving the franchise forward. Today’s demo was just the beginning — we have so much more in store. It is thrilling to witness peoples’ reaction when seeing the game for the first time. It really makes you realize that we are at the beginning of a whole new era for gaming. As artists and craftspeople, we are focused on creating a dynamic, open design that brings people together with amazing, surprising unscripted moments that they’ll talk about for days. That’s the beauty of Battlefield.”

In Battlefield 4 players will be able to go through a buildings instead of around them or eject from a jet and take out the enemy mid-free fall. In single-player, gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles and the ability to direct squad mates. Taking a page from the social aspect of multiplayer gaming, the single-player mode will now track players’ progress, adding an element of persistence and friendly competition to the campaign.

Battlefield 4 Screenshots


To learn more about Battlefield 4 head over to www.battlefield.com.

Did you like what you saw in the 17 minute Battlefield 4 trailer? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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  1. MrFester /

    That movie showed me three things.

    1 ) AI is still dumb as hell
    2 ) AI is still bullet sponges and taking waay to many rounds.
    3 ) it’s a port again and not developed independently.

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