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TOSHIBA Enters Console Gaming Market With SHIBASPHERE!

TOSHIBA Enters Console Gaming Market With SHIBASPHERE!

Apr 1, 2013


Toshiba plans to flip the console gaming market on its head with their next-generation controller-less game console, the Shibasphere!


Big news today from Toshiba – they’re getting into the console game market! This morning Toshiba announced their next-generation console the Shibasphere! It’s completely controller-less and designed to directly compete with next-generation consoles coming from Sony (PlayStation 4) and Microsoft (Xbox 720).

Speaking about the new Shibasphere console, a Toshiba representative had this to say:

“Life will never be the same once you’ve entered the Shibasphere. Extraordinary innovation packed into every spherical inch makes this the most intense game console ever conceived by Toshiba. Forget controllers and cameras. The Shibasphere’s 809.3b infrared motion detection captures your every move in incredible high resolution and puts you right in the action. And with Toshiba’s exclusive Logical Aggression Monitoring, your gaming experience will be all smiles. It’s a real game-changer.”

A new trailer was released as well, which you can check out below. Enjoy!

Along with the announcement and trailer we also got our hands on some detailed hardware specs about the new console. On the hardware side it sounds like it’s going to be a real beast of a machine! The Shibasphere comes loaded with:

  • 12 Core 3.5GHz processors
  • 4GB GDDR5 RAM Graphics Card
  • 809.3b Infrared Motion Detection
  • 1080p Full HD Support
  • 7.1 Channel Surround
  • 5 HDMI ports and more!

The Shibasphere will be launching with 6 playable titles and some of these look pretty impressive!

  • Pet the Dog
  • Contract Negotiations: Union Labor
  • Let’s Travel
  • Stare Down
  • Trade Show: Vegas Edition
  • Organic Farming

To learn about the Shibasphere be sure to check out the official product page on Toshiba.com!

What do you think about Toshiba’s decision to get into the console market with the Shibasphere? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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