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Early Access To RISE OF THE HUTT CARTEL Begins Today!

Early Access To RISE OF THE HUTT CARTEL Begins Today!

Apr 9, 2013


Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the first ever expansion pack to BioWare’s flagship MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, begins Early Game Access today!


As of about 3 am this morning players in Star Wars: The Old Republic can now gear up to take on the Hutt Cartel in an epic battle over the planet of Makeb! Rise of the Hutt Cartel is first expansion pack to the struggling BioWare MMO. Not long after the game’s highly anticipated launch SWTOR began a massive downward spiral but, after switching to the 100% free-to-play model last November and migrating low population servers into single “Megaservers”, it’s been experiencing a huge comeback. If you pre-ordered the digital expansion pack before January 7th of this year your five day Early Game Access begins today!

In Rise of the Hutt Cartel players will battle a new enemy that has emerged from the shadows to challenge the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire for control. The dangerous Hutt Cartel will unleash never-before-seen Droids and monstrous battle stations that serve as powerful weapons of destruction. All of this, and new weapons, armor, abilities and 5 new levels of progression, raising the game’s level cap to 55.

Alongside Early Game Access for Rise of the Hutt Cartel, BioWare is also releasing the hugely ambitious new Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy. Scum and Villainy will bring exciting new Level 55 content to high level players including a new Operation, all new Legacy Achievements, four Hard Mode Flashpoints, and much more.

Additionally, players can now earn an additional 5% Guild XP Bonus for all experience gained while playing in a guild. Players can expect more valuable in-game bonuses and benefits for being in a guild coming later this year.

Did you pre-order Rise of the Hutt Cartel for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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