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It Has Begun… WILDSTAR BETA Registrations Now Open!

It Has Begun… WILDSTAR BETA Registrations Now Open!

Apr 10, 2013


Today Carbine Studios opened up beta registrations for their upcoming MMO – WildStar!


This is a day long in the making (and waiting for that matter) – for some at Carbine Studios over 7 years in the making. Today, for their weekly edition of WildStar Wednesday, the Carbine Studios Community Team released a simple photo of the team with the banner, “It has begun…”. No copy, no text, no anything…

WildStar! It Has Begun...

…Except if you look underneath the picture you will see a very small link that takes you to the WildStar Beta Registration form! So, head over to WildStar-Online.com and sign up for the beta today!

Are you going to play the WildStar Beta? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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  1. Hoping to get beta key but i see the beta signup is closed now =c

    • The game launches in about 5 weeks. The only way I know of to get a beta key now is to preorder the game, which you can do from the official site.

      That will give you access to all of the remaining beta weekends, the next of which starts tomorrow!

      It will also give you 3 days of early game access!

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