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ROBERT KAZINSKY Confirms He’s A “Career WoW Player”

ROBERT KAZINSKY Confirms He’s A “Career WoW Player”

Jan 24, 2014


Robert Kazinsky was recently announced as one of the major stars in the upcoming Warcraft movie and spoke about his time with WoW via Twitter.


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Many World of Warcraft fans have had a lot of trepidation about a “non-fan” making the Warcraft movie, for fear of them “messing it up”. Back when the Warcraft movie was originally announced then director, Sam Raimi, went on the record to talk about his experience with World of Warcraft and how he was an avid player – much to the relief of fans. Since then, Raimi moved on to other projects and Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code), also a long time WoW player, has moved into the director’s seat – again to the relief of many fans.

With the recent announcement of some of the actors that will be filling major roles in the film, similar conversations have begun to occur around the actors involved in the project. Do they play World of Warcraft? Should they be allowed to represent such beloved characters without any understanding or context of the Warcraft Universe? Well, fear not, many of the actors are active WoW players – even still today after a lot of you have left WoW behind.

Most notably was Robert Kazinsky (Red Tails, Pacific Rim), who took to his Twitter account to talk about his experience with World of Warcraft. In several tweets he confirmed that not only does he play, he plays hardcore.

Every class at 80 and 85 is impressive…but 463 days of /played time!? That’s incredible! It’s pretty awesome to see some of the cast members already talking about not just their knowledge of the game and game universe, but their love for it.

With a director who is a major WoW fan, and many of the lead actors as fans and players as well, I’m beyond excited for what that will bring to the movie!

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