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25 Screenshots From The EVERQUEST NEXT: LANDMARK Alpha!

25 Screenshots From The EVERQUEST NEXT: LANDMARK Alpha!

Feb 6, 2014


SOE successfully launched the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha last week and we’ve got 25 brand new screenshots from the game!


It’s been seven days since the launch of the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha and so far everything we’ve been hearing about the game is … “it’s awesome!” Obviously there have been some technical glitches along the way, in the form of long queue times, plots occasionally disappearing, and a few other minor things gamers should expect from a piece of brand new software, but all in all the feedback has been extremely positive.

To help ring in the alpha launch of Landmark, Sony Online Entertainment has released a fresh batch screenshots for you to feast your eyes on! Some of the player made creations are pretty incredible…and remember, this has all been done in the past week alone. The sandbox element to the game looks to be very enticing for old school MMO fans like us.

You can check out the screenshots below. Enjoy!

EverQuest Next: Landmark Screenshot Gallery


What do you think of the new screenshots from the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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