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Legendary’s THOMAS TULL Discusses The WARCRAFT MOVIE!

Legendary’s THOMAS TULL Discusses The WARCRAFT MOVIE!

Mar 21, 2014


Recently IGN caught up with Thomas Tull, CEO of Legendary Pictures, who was kind enough to share a little insight on the upcoming Warcraft Movie!


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IGN just got one hell of a scoop! They recently got to sit down and talk Godzilla with the CEO of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull. However, during the course of the interview the conversation switched over to the upcoming Warcraft Movie, which is being done by the same studio. Mr. Tull was able to give a little bit of insight on what it takes to translate such an immersive universe into a successful film that stays true to the origins of the original lore.

Some excerpts of his comments are below:

IGN: Given the expansive nature of World of Warcraft, what was the key for you guys in coming up with a story structure that worked as a film? I know a lot of people struggled with that for a long time.

Tull: Oh, yeah. That’s great. So here’s what that boils down to: At Legendary, if our logo’s on it, we want it to be great, not just an okay way to spend two hours. So with Warcraft, the reason it took so long to develop is because the world does not need another bad video game movie.

IGN: Is there any element of the film that feels like an RPG? Is that inherent in the story, or is it about creating an immersive experience for the viewer?

Tull: It’s exactly the second thing. Those are two different experiences: being in an RPG versus seeing a movie — and trying to be clever and saying, “Let’s create some kind of cutting-edge RPG thing.” That is scary to me. This is about, can you take this lore and this universe that they’ve created and turn it into a great movie? If you couldn’t answer with a resounding “Yes!” then we simply would not have done it.

IGN: Are you guys doing any thinking about how you’re going to connect audiences into a world as fantastical as Warcraft for those that are non-gamers? Is it just about the marketing approach?

Tull: No, I think it’s certainly showing audiences — look, when that trailer comes out, everybody’s going to have their own ideas. Our first movie was Batman Begins, and I got asked all kinds of questions about where the Batman franchise was and so forth. And so the trailer came out, and it was like, “Well, this is what Chris Nolan is gonna do.” We did the same thing at Comic-Con; we showed a teaser for Godzilla that I think sort of reoriented everybody and said, “Okay, wait a minute. This is going to be something different.” I think with Warcraft you’ll see that, but it is imperative to us that if you’ve never played the game, if you don’t know anything about it that you’re going to go in, and you’re going to have a great experience and love these characters. That’s exactly — along with Duncan — what our plan is.

Be sure to read Mr. Tull’s full comments in the IGN piece here.

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