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The PLAY HARD PODCAST, Episode 3: WildStar, It’s A Thing!

The PLAY HARD PODCAST, Episode 3: WildStar, It’s A Thing!

May 8, 2014


Play Hard is the official podcast of Muchmore Gaming – we’re old school gamers with opinions and our podcast is dedicated to all things gaming!


Welcome to the Play Hard Podcast! For our third episode I’m once again joined by my good friend and co-host Lethality (@Real_Lethality) as we talk games, the gaming industry, and a variety of other topics.

In this episode we changed things up a bit and dedicated the entire show to WildStar – the upcoming Sci-Fi MMO from developer Carbine Studios. WildStar has been in a closed beta for players that pre-ordered the game the past 6 weeks, so we go in-depth with our experience in the beta. We had so much content to cover that this will most likely be split into a second podcast as well. We had a general discussion on the beta which covered the good and bad, we talked about characters, races, classes, factions, the questing system, the path system, and more!

You can listen to the show, download the file, check out the guests and view the topics of discussion below.


Play Hard, Episode 3: WildStar, It’s A Thing!


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Guests On This Episode

Muchmore – Muchmore Gaming (@MuchmoreGaming)
Lethality – ZAM.com (@Real_Lethality)

Topics Of Discussion

All the things WildStar!

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